Legalsuite Report Builder

The LegalSuite Report Builder allows you to design Reports which can be shared with other Employees or your Clients. It is easy to use and a simple Report takes minutes to design. It also has a number of advanced features which can be used to generate more complex Reports, but it has a user-friendly interface, simple layout and extensive help screens which guide you through the process. 

The Report Builder has been designed to make report design as easy and as intuitive as possible. Designing a Report comprises of selecting the Main Table (i.e. the database table the Report will loop through) and adding columns from a dropdown list. Although it has a number of advanced options as well, creating a simple Report is as easy as that. 

Benefits of using the Report Builder 

Real time reporting 

The Report accesses data from your LegalSuite database in real time using the LegalSuite API which means the Report is always up-to-date and reflects the current status as it exists on your system. 

Improved Client Service 

The LegalSuite Report Builder not only allows you to create internal Reports, but it can also be used to create reports for your Clients. In today’s competitive environment it is essential that a Legal Firm provides the best possible service to their Clients. A common request from many corporate Clients and other stakeholders (such as Estate Agents) is to receive daily or weekly reports on the status of their Matters. 

Save Time and Resources 

Generating these reports can be an onerous task which uses up resources and is often quite time-consuming. The report then has to be emailed to the Client on a regular basis and the whole process is generally inefficient and unsatisfactory – for both parties. By designing the Client’s report in the LegalSuite Report Builder, you only have to do it once! Once you have created the Report, you simply send the Report’s Url to the Client and they simply click on the link, login with their credentials and generate the Report. Alternatively you can use our Report Scheduler to determine on which days and at what time a report must automatically be emailed to a client. 

View Reports any time, anywhere, using any device 

The Client now has access to the Report whenever they want and can generate it 24/7 from anywhere using any device. What’s more, the Report contains real-time data which means they are always getting the latest, up-to-date information. This is not only saves you from having to manually send reports to your Clients on a regular basis, but it also improves your service levels which enhances your value and ensures a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationship with your Clients. 

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