LegalSuite web version

We are proud to announce the release of a web-based version of the LegalSuite program. LegalSuite Online allows users to access core parts of the LegalSuite program in their browser and has some exciting new modules such as the Report Builder and AI Assistant which use the power of the Internet to add additional functionality to the LegalSuite ecosystem.

It also allows your Clients (i.e. Parties) to log in and view their Matters online.

To ensure data integrity, LegalSuite Online only allows you to view your Matters, the Address Book, Matter Parties and Matter Transactions. It does not allow you to edit the Matters or the Parties. These need to be captured in the Desktop version, but you can:

  • Create and edit File Notes
  • Create and edit Fee Notes
  • Create and edit Reminders
  • Upload Documents to the Document Log using the online version.

Because it runs in a browser, LegalSuite Online not only provides you with 24/7/Anywhere access to your data, but it can now provide you with web-based modules which use the power of the Internet to enhance and supplement the functionality of our Desktop-based program. For example our On-Line Reports and AI assistant.


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