LawBox, is a powerful management and accounting software created by lawyers, for lawyers. It provides small to mid-sized firms the confidence they need in financial and client management with one-click convenience.

As a cloud-based offering, LawBox does what many management solutions miss, and that is give firms the ability to complete all their management requirements from wherever they are in the world and at any time.

LawBox has a range of features to make management easy for firms, but where it really shines is in trust account compliance management. Many firms and independent legal professionals struggle with the arduous and onerous task of ensuring their trust accounts are properly managed and audit compliant. 

Understanding what is required of legal professionals when it comes to the management of a trust account and ensuring they do not fall foul of sound financial practice is not an easy process. LawBox was developed to ensure each process across the trust account and ensure that compliance happens not only at the generally approved monthly checks, but daily.

It tracks all inflows and outflows of funds from client and creditor payments through to bank charges. This granular tracking provides legal practitioners with peace of mind that all trust accounting will be audit compliant.   

Ensuring that fees and transfers are managed easily, LawBox is a powerful, and easy to understand financial tool for practitioners managing  fees and disbursements, allocation of fees received into trust, management of transfers from the trust account to business and capturing of funds received.

“In our experience, these are the tasks that smaller firms often need the most help with. Many firms spend more time ensuring this is correctly captured and tracked than actually dealing with client matters. LawBox was designed to help make this process more streamlined and take that load of practitioners shoulders,” says LawBox co-founder and Director Mervyn Vermeulen.

Over and above that LawBox boasts a powerful client management engine which allows users to load clients, see client information at a glance and communicate with clients through SMS or mail, simply and easily.  

LawBox organizes all of your matter information and allows practitioners to see all the crucial information for each case organized for easy access. Each matter collects the contacts, meetings, tasks, expenses, notes and documents specific to that case.

Transmit all outstanding invoices to clients via email with the click of a button. We have the added functionality of SMS notifications to clients that can be sent at the same time as the invoice.

LawBox’s optional, built-in DocGen functionality allows you to templatise your standard matter documents, which you can then easily populate with the relevant matter information through the use of drop down boxes.

“When I started my law firm 5 years ago it was just myself, and I played the role of admin staff, tea lady, accounts and receptionist. All this while working to carve out a name out for myself in the industry. Cost was always a consideration and it was from this that LawBox was born,” says LawBox Director Mervyn Vermeulen.

Many small and medium sized firms must contain costs and often that means that a dedicated debtors, trust accounting and general finance division is not an option. “As my own firm and staff contingent grew, I needed a robust software that ensured my trust-funds were kept compliant and allowed me to keep my finger on the pulse of my firm,” says Vermeulen.

With transparent pricing and two-week trial, LawBox provides firms peace of mind in knowing exactly what they will be paying every month for this powerful solution.

LawBox has been designed to take over those roles, freeing up Attorneys and other legal practitioners to get on with the business of law. In-depth consultation with Attorneys, Conveyancers, Advocates, and Accountants means that LawBox gives confidence to firms that need to know that financial management and compliance are covered. 

As a working product in the expanding law firm where the software was developed, updates, changes and new features are constantly under development.

Most firms primary requirement is the security of client data, and LawBox has ensured that there are multiple levels of authentication and verification to ensure that client data is kept completely confidential at all times.

“We’re very proud of what we have created, and how it has evolved, and excited to bring it to the small to medium law firms who also have the need for a powerful management and accounting program,” says Vermeulen.

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