expensifyExpensify is a great way to manage expense claims. Not only does this organise the expenses properly, but also allows you to upload slips via email from your PC or cell phone.

IPhone, Blackberry and Android phones have applications to make this upload of the expense slips easier. Once the expenses have been captured, it can then be added to an expense report and be submitted to the correct person for approval and payment. When the claim is approved it can be reimbursed to the person via the embedded payment system, or it can be done outside of the system. The person authorising claims will receive an email with the claims request and can go into the system to view additional information if needed. The price is free for two people submitting claims, but is then charged at $5 per person thereafter. I think that the uploading of slips is cumbersome, and would propose that slips be submitted manually and that the payment of the claims be done via your current method of payment. This system offers a quick way to enter and submit claims and an easy way for the administration department to manage the claims process.

An easier way to upload the image of the expense slip would be a great enhancement for this product. Go to www.expensify.com for more information.


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