argosArgos is the concise, reliable way to get a handle on your document expenses. Argos helps you measure, control, and recover the cost of printing, copying and telephone calls. Our fresh approach to expense tracking keeps your team accountable – without slowing things down. Ease-of-use is the hallmark of Argos.

If you’re looking to lower overhead, reduce waste, or get reimbursed for expenses, printing is the most visible, obvious place to start. Print tracking needs to be easy to implement, flexible enough to handle any network environment, unobtrusive for end users, and absolutely rock-solid. Argos delivers all that with a single, simple software installation that installs on print servers and workstations to reliably capture everything your office prints.
Argos is flexible enough to accommodate any printing configuration. For traditional server-based printing, install the Argos Agent on your print servers, and you’re instantly tracking everything. For local or direct IP-based printing, install the Argos Agent on your workstations. If you have compatible MFPs. and for non-traditional printing, Argos offer solutions for hundreds of devices and software products.
The best of all! It is truly affordable and we offer monthly agreements – no risk.
No license fees, no upgrade fees and remote support is included.

Let ARGOS assist you with effective management of costs:

1) Per Device
2) Per Department/Costing Centre
3) Per User
4) Per Client/Matter/Project

ARGOS can integrate with ANY Accounting Software that can export a file in CSV format, making the immediate allocation of an expense against a specific Project/Client/Matter as easy as clicking the mouse.

We can track ANY printer, linked to the network or stand-alone printer linked to a notebook or Desktop and have on-board solutions for many different makes of photocopiers and printers and wide format printers:

ARGOS can be set-up to run in PASSIVE mode, users aren’t aware that there is any monitoring solution installed, or ACTIVE where users will get prompted via a pop-up to put in billing information (e.g. Legal Firms, Auditing Firms, Consulting Engineers, Advertising industries normally will need this). It offers seamless integration with Accounting Packages that ensure billing for expenses happens automatically.


Above is the Argos Billing Screen

With ARGOS you can effectively monitor your telephone usage, no more printing of lists of numbers by extension for users or office managers to go through. We can integrate with analogue or Digital and VOIP solutions, the user will get a pop-up immediately after a call has been made (while the call is still fresh in his/her memory) and will be able to immediately allocate the call against the correct billing option: Business e.g. Client/Supplier or Administration or Personal.
If you have any further questions, please contact:

Alta Lourens
Cellular: 082 909 2547



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