sendr app for lawyersSendr is a smart-phone based mobile application (app) designed to assist individuals, businesses, private and public entities with point-to-point delivery of small goods and documents. Sendr gives users real-time control of requested point-to-point services, as well as live and continuous tracking of the item’s progress from its pick-up point, right up until it has been delivered.

In three simple steps, the application allows the user to enter a pick-up address, input a delivery point with specific delivery instructions, and request a Sendr carrier who’ll be operating a motorcycle. The application gives the user a cost estimate of their required service based on the distance from pick-up to drop-off point, and the insurance provided for all goods transported at no extra cost just adds to our customers’ peace of mind.

At Sendr, we leverage an asset base of motor cycles owned by both The Roscommons Group Pty Ltd (holding company of Sendr), and private individual motorcycle owners. The business model allows for efficient and on time delivery of the goods, at the right place whilst ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way because both the group and motorcycle owners are in collaboration to bring customers the best and most timely service.

How will this assist lawyers?
Sendr’s live tracking function allows for real-time information on the whereabouts of the driver either enroute to pick up the package or to drop it off. Sendr Drivers are also well trained in the different requirements of the market segments Sendr serves. This means Sendr is best suited to understand delivery requirements in the legal profession with an ability to bring the necessary returns and documents, whether they be receipts , summons, notices of serves, letters of demand, trust statements, and court orders to mention a few. Sendr has the added advantage of not being caught up in traffic jams as they use motorcycles.

What brought on the idea?
The founders of Sendr developed the concept inspired by uber’s disruption of the taxi industry and decided to build a similar product that leverages motorbikes instead of cars. Further ideas were developed that leverage Sendr itself so that it becomes the central logistical hub of South Africa’s ecommerce industry.

How long has the business been in operation?

Sendr app was built beginning January 2015 and registered into the Apple store and Google Playstore in March and April of 2016 respectively.

How many riders from the holding company versus the private operators?

Sendr is recruiting up to 100 drivers from the company after which private operators can put additional motorcycles on the platform. All motorcycles will be managed digitally from 1 platform with payment gateway all being on one platform.

How does the app work?

Essentially a user can download the app from an apple store (ios) or google Playstore (android). As soon as they have downloaded they are taken through a 30 second tutorial of how it works. The user is prompted to enter their debit card or credit card and they begin using the application.

The user enters a pick up point and a drop of point with any instructions or specific details on pick up or drop off. The customer presses the button “Lets Go” and a driver is dispatched whom they can track real time. Upon delivery the recipient will be asked to present the driver with an OTP (One Time Pin) this confirms to the Sendr that goods have been delivered and received by the designated person. The app at this point charges the Sendr’s card and automatically emails a tax invoice.

Who are the founders and investors?

The company is privately owned and started by George Sibotshiwe and Neo Lekgabo as co-founders. They are supported by angel investors who are family members and friends.

Can the secretaries use a web app as well?

Yes, Sendr has built an API for use by secretaries through the web.

For more information visit the Sendr website at


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