legal-interactManage your law firm’s case lifecycle and information flow securely, efficiently and productively – with Practice Manager’s integrated Document Management solution!


Your law firm is faced with constant risks, pressures and challenges to its profitability and sustainability – from consolidations and mergers to little mishaps ending in legal malpractice. With the ever-increasing load of information, documentation and communication materials that your practice generates and processes every day, a disorganised, or poorly managed, administration system could let your firm’s bottom line down.

Keep your valuable documentation saved, streamlined and standardised at all times, with Practice Manager! Its integrated data management software ensures that you are always able to access the correct files, template and master documents.

Save word documents, emails, scanned documents, spread sheets and other pertinent materials onto the system, distribute them with the ease and surety of uncompromised security, and keep track of every case, as well as all of its relevant content, from the initiation of the matter down through to its final disposition.

Document Management allows you to:
– Leverage on your firm’s expertise and best practices
– Streamline and standardise your information lifecycle for more efficient, structured and standardised operations
– Have full visibility and control over all saved content and client engagement documentation
– Easily access your integrated information database via laptop or mobile device
– Quickly retrieve existing documents, make changes, bill on work and save pertinent amendments – all within the same software application
– Improves client communication and results in a more professional approach to the management of each file.

How does Document Management Work?
– Master documents (Microsoft Word, Excel Spread Sheets, and scanned documents such as ID copies) are saved as templates, or precedents, and are stored on the system’s central repository according to category.
– All working documents, including those generated from these master templates, are stored in the history of a particular file.
– All documents, such as scanned documents or accounts information such as tax invoices, can be saved in PDF format and attached to the file of a relevant matter. This makes them unalterable, thereby ensuring security.
– Further security measures include the ability to password-protect sensitive documents and certain client folders in order to restrict access.
– Versioning: the software generates new versions of a document each time changes are made, allowing you to continue working from several points.
– Billing: Because Document Management is integrated with the Practice Manager program, billing is automatically generated simultaneously with the creation, editing and processing of each document.
– Document Search: Documents are saved on the system according to several types of criteria, including Date Created, Document Type, Content, Matter Type and Fee Earner. Entering a partial search term on the system allows for quick retrieval of relevant documents.

Practice Manager’s integrated Document Management system delivers improved regulatory compliance, information flow, service delivery and overall information management to our firm. Standardise your practice’s data administration and increase your firm’s productivity and profitability today! Visit Legal Interact’s website for more information.


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