AJS what we offer our clients part 3

Amazing functionality and incredible benefits that’s what!

It was Mohammad Ali that said –

“It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

And when you have something good to say about your business, backing it up is something you should do. Naturally. Otherwise, it simply amounts to popular opinion. “Boy oh boy” can we back up our product (and service) offering! In fact, our work speaks for itself!

We believe that our service offering has revolutionized the way legal software operates. We go above and beyond, surpassing what consumers have come to expect from legal software. And we say this without any bias. 

We have so many features and benefits that we have been unable to contain them in one article, so consider this the third, and sadly last in the series discussing the features and benefits on offer by AJS. We are extremely excited to share these with you all.

The Timer

On a call, conducting a consult? Want to know exactly how long you spent on a matter? Use the timer for accurate time recording.

What is the function? A built-in timer at the bottom of the screen that can be started and paused as you are working. 

What is the benefit? You can easily post a fee for a consult, telephone call or research time with the click of a timer. By posting a quick fee using a time-based code, the timer’s value will automatically be loaded, making posting a fee not only easy but quick too. But to make posting fees even easier, you will be able to open a “Quick Fee” option directly from the timer by pausing and hovering over the icon to add the fee. 

Added login protection

In this day and age, you can never be too careful when logging onto any system. We understand this and believe having an extra layer of protection to be just the thing.

What is the function? Two-factor authentication when logging in to AJS.

What is the benefit? Added security, giving you peace of mind, every time you log onto the AJS system. 

Multiple Job Output Formats

What is the function? Report functions that have the option of specifying more than one output format.

What is the benefit? Saving time – you don’t have to set up two identical jobs simply to produce the report in Excel and PDF. It’s done for you.

Home Page Dashboard

Let’s be frank, sometimes you want to see what you want to see. It makes perfect sense, which is why we have spruced up the home page dashboard. View things as you choose to.

What is the function? This is so much more than a landing page. With the quick addition of a widget, a firm can choose what they want to appear on their home dashboard. 

What is the benefit? Your whole practice can be viewed from a “birds eye view” and drill-down levels. Easily move from one section to another and be able to assess how your practice is operating. A practice can re-order dashboards to show exactly what they want (and need) to see on their home dashboard – if they prefer widgets to the dashboard cards, go for it.

Conflict Checking

In practice we are faced with conflict. On a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean it has to be in your practice.

What is the function? A conflict indicator has been added to the quick view pane.

What is the benefit? A simple way to make sure that you have no conflicts in your practice. Hover your mouse over a matter to see whether a conflict exists or nor, or whether the conflict status has not yet been checked. Stay on top of things easily.

Advanced Job Scheduler

 Do you have reports that need to be run at regular intervals, but also with some exceptions?

What is the function? Multiple schedules per job?

What is the benefit? You can now set up multiple and advanced schedules per job, for instance to run a report every Monday and two days before the last day of the month.

Standalone Batch Import

Need to import a large number of transactions?

What is the function? Bulk batch import option

What is the benefit? Perfect for large batch imports. You can save and use batch templates and view the import history. Once again saving valuable time.

Import Notes 

 Do you have multiple accounts that must be updated with progress notes?

What is the function? You can now bulk import notes.

What is the benefit?   Have you received a feedback schedule from a client? You can add notes with the same details to multiple accounts, or different notes to different accounts, by importing them from a spreadsheet. 

Clone a scheduled report

Reporting, it’s a nuisance. Especially when it feels like you’ve done 10 reports that are exactly the same. There is a solution…

What is the function? Clone scheduled reports.

What is the benefit? If you need to set up multiple scheduled reports (similar reports except for one or two small differences)  – save yourself some time by cloning the report whereafter you can then make the changes required. . No need to start from scratch each time.

Support menu

Need help? Need support? We got you! And you don’t have to phone a call centre either. Help at the literal touch of a button.

What is the function? Two options have been added to the Support menu – online training and support requests.

What is the benefit? You can now book your free online training and create a support request directly via the client portal – directly from within AJS.

With the last three articles we have undertaken to prove why we not only stand by our products, but that we can shout about their benefits from the rooftops. All while knowing, without a doubt, that we have backed up what we have said. We hope that our last three articles have enticed you to find out more – if you don’t already know our products, or have urged you to discover more about your system. There is just so much it can do.

To find out how to incorporate a new tool into your existing accounting and practice management suite, or how to get started with legal tech,  feel free to get in touch with AJS – we have the right combination of systems, resources and business partnerships to assist you with incorporating supportive legal technology into your practice. Effortlessly. 

AJS is always here to help you, wherever and whenever possible!


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