Canon launches CCM software

Canon Europe, has announced Customer Communications Management Online (CCM Online),  a new delivery system for its customer communications proposition. CCM Online is an end-to-end managed cloud service which allows businesses to engage in more effective and consistent two-way communication with their customers.

With no upfront investment involved, Canon takes care of the full process; securely preparing, composing and delivering communications to any specified output channel. As a result, every customer touchpoint is treated as an opportunity to demonstrate value. 

“The need for effective customer communications has been on the rise for several years, with power shifting from institutions to consumers, and digital emerging as a disruptive force,” comments Graham Page, EMEA Applications Sales Director of Canon Europe. “However, many businesses simply do not have the in-house capability to manage and maintain a CCM solution themselves and outsourcing to the cloud can be a challenge for smaller IT departments. The need for regulation and compliance is also more pertinent than ever, and this challenge, combined with increased customer expectation of a seamless experience and operational efficiency, means many businesses are unable to feel the full benefits of their CCM solutions.” 


Encompassing a number of services including Processing, Delivery, Email, Print & Mail and Bounce to Print, CCM Online is able to personalise transactional communication such as bills, invoices and statements to enhance the end-user’s experience. It also eliminates the need for software licenses, additional equipment or specialist staff, and is delivered as a predictable operation expense, answering the macro-economic challenges of many companies across Europe today. The system is implemented via a remote configuration protocol, with no need for expensive IT infrastructure or specialist IT resources, minimising management costs.

“The age of the consumer isn’t just a passing phase – it’s a crucial and long-term development in today’s enterprise world. Customer experience can make or break your business.” states Graham Page “So, while products and services are still controlled by the seller, people today have so much ready access to information and alternatives, that businesses have to adopt a new way of thinking that puts their customer at the heart of everything they do. CCM solutions now top the list for both increased services spending today, and for planned future spend. In other words, it is rapidly becoming a key element of the digital transformation journey. We’re proud to offer the tool which will help organisations improve customer experience to differentiate their business.”


By harnessing a cloud model for delivery, CCM Online allows businesses to be agile with their strategy, leaving room to integrate to new opportunities. One single point of contact (SPOC) allows customers to enjoy fast resolutions of any service interruptions, while the reduced professional services costs can save on precious time and resource. 

The service is designed to easily deliver to new channels, allowing you to always leverage the latest and greatest ways to communicate with customers. CCM Online is fully compliant with European personal data regulations, and designed and built on a robust infrastructure and adheres to Canon’s rigorous security standards and policies. Peace of mind stretches beyond the IT aspects alone with the knowledge that security and regulatory compliance is dealt with. 


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