Olympus ds7000You can use a smartphone to take a photograph, receive a telephone call, or dictate a letter. A smartphone is a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none…

if you require a high-quality image, voice transmission, or recording for a client or a colleague. A smartphone function, such as voice recording, will pale in comparison to a dedicated hardware device with firmware designed to record and edit a voice record, such as the Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder.

The DS-7000 has been designed to operate solely as a professional voice recorder; the device has been designed from the ground up with one goal in mind, to record audio. For full product specs and details on the DS-7000 please follow this link: http://www.maynards.co.za/professional-line/dictation/ds-7000

In today’s ever changing and evolving world of technology people are often convinced (whether though literature or advise from friends / colleagues) that less is more, this is certainly the case with modern smartphones. They are able to do pretty much anything the user requires of them but that’s not always a good thing! Here are 4 reasons why using a professional Digital Voice Recorder for professional audio recording is better than using a smartphone:

1. Dedicated Device: The DS-7000 has been designed solely for audio recording; dedicated one thumb recording and playback buttons make prolonged use of the device a breeze. Recording quality (16 kilohertz) and battery life (up to 30 hours recording) are far superior to what can be found on the average smartphone.
2. Added Functionality: The DS-7000 has all the editing functionality one would require from a dedicated professional voice recorder; this includes Inserting, Partial Erase and Overwriting. All features that would be unattainable or complicated to operate on your average smartphone.
3. Integrates into dedicated workflows: The DS-7000 is supplied with the state of the art workflow software program called ODMS, this allows users to automate the transferring of files via email, FTP and their internal networks to which ever source they deem appropriate, this includes a full integration with Dragon Naturally Speaking software. This process saves time and increases efficiency thereby leading to a long term increase in turnover.
4. Increased Security: The DS-7000 records in a proprietary file format called .ds2, all files are encrypted at 256bits and passwords can be allocated to specific files. This means vitally important recordings are kept secure at all times. This is in stark contrast to the normal security levels found on the average smartphone.

For further info on the full range of Olympus Digital Devices please contact Maynards Office Technology on 0860 00 1922 / sales@maynards.co.za / www.maynards.co.za


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