Building blocks of a startup law firm

Running a successful law practice takes a lot more than just a law degree. While you may be the best in your chosen field of law, you will fall short if you are not able to compete with other successful attorneys in the marketplace.

Technology has been helping many startup law firms get the edge that they need to take their firm to the next level. Here are six ways that you can use technology in your startup law firm.

Use legal software that is based in the cloud

One of the great parts about choosing cloud-based legal software is that you will have access to it from just about any computer as long as it has the minimum system requirements. Unlike software that you install physically onto your computer, cloud-based legal software is updated on a regular basis. This will help you to always stay on the cutting edge of legal technology. Cloud-based legal software is usually very affordable, too. With many of these software programs offering a month to month subscription, you won’t have to drain your bank account just to get started.

Take advantage of client communication technology

With the technology available to us today, it is easier now than ever to communicate effectively with your clients. There are resources online that will allow you to build a secure client communication portal. This can be very important for looking back on your notes and preparing for a case. Video chatting can be a great way to get closer to your client during the process if your schedules don’t allow for regular meetings. Remember, the more you communicate with your clients, the smoother your cases will go.

Make sure you are blogging

Blogging is possibly one of the most effective forms of digital marketing today. As long as you are blogging about pertinent topics related to your law firm, you are going to have great success with your search engine rankings. Customers will also have an added level of trust with your firm when they feel as though you are an expert in your field. A blog full of informative articles will let your clients know that you very knowledgeable about the type of law you are practicing. If you feel as though your writing skills are not up to par, there are many professional bloggers and content writers that can help you create a very effective blog.

Build a presence on social media

Social media is quickly becoming the future of online marketing. If you have a great following on social media, you will be able to virtually advertise for free. Learning how to post effectively on your social media accounts can be a difficult thing to do and takes a lot of time. If you are looking to speed up this process, there are social media marketing firms that can help you create campaigns to gain more followers. If you are planning on running your social media on your own, make sure you do some research on the proper types of posts that will be most effective for your law firm.

Advertise digitally

Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads are among the most effective forms of digital advertising. It can be difficult to learn how to run effective ads on these platforms at first. However, after a process of trial and error, you will be able to advertise to your local area in a way that will attract many clients to your firm. If you want to skip the process of trial and error, you can always hire a marketing firm to help you create and run effective ads. This can many times be cheaper than spending money on ineffective ads during your trial and error process. Having a proper advertising budget is essential to getting the clients you need in order for your law firm to thrive.

Digitize your records

The days of stacks of paper cluttering up your law firm are long gone. With scanning and transcribing, you can easily have all of your records kept digitally. Hiring a receptionist or a paralegal to help you digitize all of your records will be a great investment. There are software programs that will help you organize all of your records as well. This can be key when you need to find a certain record quickly for a case.

These are just a few of the many different ways you can use technology in your startup law firm. As a new law firm, it is important to have every advantage to stand out from your competition. Using technology will help you take your firm to a whole new level of success.

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for National Crime Reporting, Inc.



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