appstorenonsaTwo weeks ago I tried to download the most talked about application for dictation, by the industry leaders Nuance Communications. Only to find that the application is not available to the South African apps store – rather ridiculous as this is available for free and there should be no reason why it should not be available locally – so here is the way to get such “non-South African” apps.

First, find the application you want – either by searching on the iTunes application or by going to the iTunes App Store via your web browser using

When you click on the “Free” button for the application it will ask for your login. Instead of logging in, register as a new user. Through this registration you need to pretend that you are in the United States 😉

To do this fill out the first registration screen as you would normally and on the second screen be careful to state that you are not using any form of payment and select the “None” option (as they track the source of the payment method) and you must use an address from the USA.

If you are stuck for an address, look at – which allows you to get a USA address (also helpful if you need to buy anything in the US that normally would not be allowed to ship to South Africa). If you are really stuck, email me and I will let you use my USA address.


You are then able to download free apps from the USA iTunes App Store.

Thanks to Andrew from ITWorks ( for the heads up on the idea.


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