daily diarySteven Hardy answers a question about using Outlook as a legal customer contact diary, where one can easily see all approaching appoints related to a client.

I put the name of the client at the beginning of the calendar entry, then describe the event. If the client is Widget Corp., I might have an entry like “Widget:  Response to Plaintiff’s First Interrogatories Due.” When you search for the client name, it will pull up all the events starting with that name.

For important events like hearings, I use the “Categorize” feature to highlight the event.  I use red for high priority events like hearings and deadlines for filings and yellow for lower priority events like conference calls with other counsel.  You can put in a reminder of up to two weeks for an event, but I usually put in a separate entry prior to an event that will require significant preparation.  Thus, I might have an entry two weeks before a brief is due that says “Widget: prepare brief in response to motion for summary judgment.”  I always put in an entry five weeks before the close of the discovery period to remind myself to get out any final discovery at least 30 days before discovery closes.

I have a low-volume IP and commercial litigation practice, which is to say that I am typically only working on a few larger cases at a time.  I also work without staff. If I had a practice where I had dozens of active files and/or had several other attorneys or paralegals working on my files, I would probably invest in a client-centric practice management program.

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