bbb_e71I have recently acquired the Nokia e71 after owning its predecessor, the e61 for over 2 years. The e71 has everything the e61 had and more, and it is lighter and smaller than its ancestor!

It also seems more robust – but as with all cell phones, only time will tell. I really could go on and on about this phone, but I thought it would be better to point you to this excellent article on a shoot-out between the Nokia e71 and the BlackBerry Bold.

The article concludes that the BlackBerry Bold wins by a slight margin, but if you look at the comments to the article – and there are plenty, you may be forgiven for thinking that the e71 comes out on top.

My view, if I was faced with this choice is that I would go for the BlackBerry Bold if I was part of a large firm that needed to control my phone connectivity to the office email through the use of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). If not, I would choose the Nokia e71.

Help with the acronyms:

RIM – Research In Motion – the developers of the communication system that transfer the email and other personal information management between your office servers and your phone.

BES – BlackBerry Enterprise Server – the software loaded on your servers at the office to allow you to securely connect to it remotely with your phone. Basically this is an extension of your office communications environment.

BIS – BlackBerry Internet Service – normally an unlimited service bought from the ISP that allows you to connect to email, internet and contacts. Different to BES, as BES connects to your own network servers.

Note: BlackBerry Connect allows phones and PDAs other than just the BlackBerry to connect to the BES and BIS services.

Estimated purchase price of the phones without a contract:

Nokia e71 R6000
BlackBerry Bold R7600

Read the full article by clicking on the “Read more” button. Make sure you look at the comments on page 5, where people have reported after using both phones.readmore

Thanks to Evan Person for pointing me to the shootout article.


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