philips pocket memo 8000 smNo matter what the reason for the compensation is – injury, loss of earnings, reimbursement of treatment expenses, loss of the breadwinner or others – this can require countless legal formalities. In order to handle this enormous amount of paperwork efficiently, Grove & Partners are heavy users of digital dictation. 

Grove & Partners has operated in the Danish legal market for over 20 years, specializing in personal injury cases, helping their customers to get fair compensations.


The transition
In April 2013 the law firm was wanting to improve their dictation system and decided to test the new Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder DPM8200 combined with the SpeechExec Enterprise dictation workflow solution. Since then the solution has been successfully implemented and has become an integral part of their working method. “Handling casework is the main part of our daily working routine. Personal injury cases imply a lot of correspondence and procedures, therefore we have a great need for a seamless, functioning dictation solution”, said Thomas Stigaard Hansen, co-owner of Grove & Partners.

The new Pocket Memo
Dictation hardware is very crucial for law firms when investing in a new solution. It is a working tool used every day for hours. Therefore product quality is top priority for the users. “The device is very handy and robust and the audio quality is impressive. I would also like to point out that the large display shows everything you need at once and you understand it straight away – it is very intuitive and highly user-friendly. After fifteen minutes with the new Philips recorder you have forgotten that you have something new. It feels like we have had it all the time – and this means a lot to us”, said Hansen.

dictation dpm8000

A digital map of the working process
The combined workflow software turns the device into a solution. At Grove & Partners the workflow can be described as follows: The lawyer dictates the relevant document with the dictation recorder, when finishing the dictation, the audio file is automatically loaded into the SpeechExec Enterprise software and it appears on the transcriptionists’ work list. The transcriptionist can already see the lengths of the dictation, case number, case name, client name, which priority it has and other information. The document can be created within seconds after the dictation. On top of that the SpeechExec Enterprise software enables location-independent working with highest security standards, which is very appreciated by Grove & Partners. “For us it is important that a dictation solution provides freedom and flexibility in our every day lives. For example we can work from home or one of our transcriptionists sits miles away from our office location and it does not make a difference for our way of working”, Lasse Dalberg, co-owner of Grove & Partners, emphasizes.

Listening to the needs
Grove & Partners had previous experience with a digital dictation solution. The users wanted a reliable device and had exact ideas of the improvement and functionalities they needed to optimize their workflow. The brand new Pocket Memo 8200 with the new 3D Mic technology delivers best audio results and could be even used to record meetings due to 360 degree sound pick-up.

Customers benefit
“We have taken this step towards a new solution to further improve our way of working and reduce the turnaround time of all the procedures from our side. In the end, our customers will have the benefit of getting their compensation quicker”, concludes Dalberg.

Let us show you how the Philips DPM 8000 can improve efficiency and productivity in your firm.

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