document burningMetrofile’s document storage warehouse in Westmead, Durban, caught on fire, on Friday night, resulting in thousands of documents been lost permanently. 
The devastating fire has left many companies who rely on storage warehouses for paper document storage, wondering just how secure their critical records really are. The events at the warehouse this past weekend are a clear indication that no matter what measures are taken to protect your paper document’s, their safe storage is not guaranteed.

“VM Consulting works hand in hand with our clients to prevent this devastating loss of important documentation from arising. We strive to create Business Growth and the Competitive Advantage for Our Customers. Our Electronic Document Management Solution, allows you to store and secure your critical documents using the best of breed technology, eliminating many of the worst- case scenarios of record and data loss, faced by companies today”, says Vanessa Miller, Managing Director at VM Consulting.

“Given the high costs associated with data loss and currently available offerings of low-cost and low-maintenance document management solutions, there is little reason why even small businesses should do without these few basic safeguards”, Miller added.
VM Consulting would like to extend a hand of support to any clients affected by this fire.

To find out more about safe guarding your business and critical documents and content, call the team at VM Consulting!

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