gomobi-logoThe use of mobile phones for Internet searching is a fast growing trend in South Africa, which offers a major opportunity for companies to tailor their marketing efforts to reach a mobile audience.

Is your law practice truly leveraging your mobile audience? Are your listings accessible on mobile devices, and are you meeting the needs of your mobile audience?

Why go mobile?
Having a mobile site does not only satisfy the needs of the mobile user, but also increases your chances of ranking higher in search results – thanks to Google’s separate mobile index.

In addition to this, mobile users want to be able to quickly and easily perform the tasks that are important to them whey they are mobile. For example in the Legal industry, if a potential client can search and find attorneys in the area they are currently in, the likelihood of them using them is increased. Similarly, if a client is looking for a particular service, for example divorce or litigation – he/she will be inclined to use the attorney that is listed according to a specialization.

Some considerations:
The screen size and resolution of a mobile device is considerably smaller to that of a desktop PC, so it’s important to create a mobile website to enhance the user’s experience when they are searching via their mobile device.

In today’s age, people are expecting effective mobile websites – content, context and interface are crucial to providing an enhanced user experience. Today’s users want mobile websites that are direct, easy to navigate, and more importantly, provide them with the information they want instantly.

If a customer tries to find an attorney via their traditional web address, but is on a mobile phone – goMobi will automatically redirect them to the mobile site which is optimized for their phone,

So why not leverage off this mobile audience. GoMobi gives you all this and more.

Lex Faure




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