brwarsEver wondered which browser is most popular among law firms in South Africa? Or wondered if you should change to a different browser? Here is a graph which shows which browsers are currently being used by law firms in South Africa. We also looked at what screen resolution they were using.

We have based the findings on the statistics of people who read our e-publication. What would have been good to know, but not possible at this stage, is the version of Internet Explorer that is being used. Firefox seems to have gained good market share, and I would imagine this will grow further. Crome is a little too new, but given time I’m sure will be a good option, as Google will bolt on a lot of other offerings. Safari is mainly an Apple computer browser, the more Apples, the more Safari. Opera is supposed to be a “no nonsense” browser, which is also supposedly faster than the other offerings, but it has a very small following at the moment.

What seems to stop people changing their web browser is when sites they are used to seeing in the Internet Explorer do not show up correctly in the “new” browser, and that normally causes them to revert back to IE. I use Firefox 3, and I must say I have yet to have a problem, and all the sites I was used to in IE, look and act the same as before. I find it “lighter” and it seems to keep the pop ups nicely under wraps.

Browser usage in South African legal market



Screen resolution used by the South African legal market






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