philips dictation why customers use themThe all-new Philips Pocket Memo and SpeechMike Premium voice recorders are reshaping the world of professional dictation. The new dictation devices have already received excellent reviews from the media and have been awarded the maximum star rating by the speech recognition specialist Nuance. End-users from around the world are now mirroring this praise and voicing their opinions.

Philips Pocket Memo 8000 series – the reference in portable digital dictation
The Philips Pocket Memo digital voice recorder delivers stunning audio quality through its revolutionary 3D Mic technology. The integrated motion sensor, with its power-saving measures, sets the new benchmark for battery life. It also switches between the speech-optimized microphones, ensuring unrivaled sound quality. The Pocket Memo comes in a robust, yet lightweight stainless steel design, offering perfect ergonomics for heavy-duty users. It even features the first-ever integrated barcode scanner. The Pocket Memo is perfect for on the go and can even be charged with your smartphone charger. 


Grove & Partners, a law firm in Denmark has recently upgraded to the latest Pocket Memo DPM8000. “The device is very handy and robust and the audio quality is impressive. (…) After fifteen minutes with the new Philips recorder you had forgotten that you have something new. It feels like we have had it all the time – and this means a lot to us”, says Thomas Stigaard Hansen, co-owner of Grove & Partners.

Waite Park Police Department in Minnesota, USA has also recently switched to the new Philips Pocket Memo 8000 series and coupled them with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software. “Instead of waiting until the end of their shift, our staff can now access those recordings as soon as they’re uploaded” says Tim Deschene, officer and investigator. This saved the department several hours every week for every officer. “We had nothing but positive feedback from officers when we made the switch to the new DPM8000.”

Insurance brokers in the UK agree. Justin Hevness, Managing Director, Firth & Scott: “The Philips Pocket Memo 8000 series gives us a highly efficient way to create personalized customer correspondence which complies with the Finance Conduct Authority’s strict codes of practice.”

SpeechMike Premium LFH3500 series – a great desktop dictation microphone
The SpeechMike Premium offers best-in class audio quality. The dictation microphone features a free-floating studio quality Precision Microphone, setting the new standard for speech recognition as well as voice recording. A built-in noise-reduction filter and the world’s first motion sensor in a stationary digital dictation device make it the perfect choice, even in noisy environments.

“With this device you achieve an immense increase in the quality of text” says Martin Franke from Franke & Zdarky, a reputable German law firm. Stephan Meusburger, an Austrian law practice owner adds: “It is remarkable how well speech recognition works with the SpeechMike Premium. With the headset we used previously, there were often problems with background noise. I no longer have this problem with the SpeechMike Premium, these sounds are simply filtered out.”

“I’ve saved hours of my secretary’s time by adopting speech recognition technology with the SpeechMike Premium. I can also dictate a letter for a patient, print it out and give it to them there and then. It’s so efficient, it’s fantastic” claims Dr. Ivan Camphor, Partner, Heatherlands Medical Center, UK.

Union Hospital in Dover, Ohio, USA echoes this notion. “It’s been a very reliable system for us,” states Dave Baumgardner, Director of Information Management. “We’ve had great long-term success in terms of reducing our costs, and improving our accuracy and turnaround time on medical documentation. I would highly recommend the SpeechMike Premium to any hospital with demanding dictation needs.”

Let us show you how Philips digital voice recorders can help you to become more efficient and productive with the correct solution for your company.

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