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The ability to conduct legal research is essential for legal professionals, regardless of area or type of practice.  However, the most basic step of identifying the leading case governing the issues in question is complicated by the various online research offerings. 

To assist legal professionals in practically locating the research required in a fast and effective manner, Dr Jeanne-Mari Retief, Director of legal consultancy CALIBRICS, in partnership with LexisNexis South Africa, has produced the online Practical Legal Research Skills eLearning course.

The self-paced, online learning course is specifically designed to speak to the practical side of research as opposed to the academic methodology of research. It will assist busy practitioners in navigating different research engines, understanding the different resource offerings, and identifying the right options for them considering accessibility and costing. It is also the perfect introduction to practical research for law students and candidate attorneys. It teaches proven legal research methodology that will save practitioners time – and in law, time = money. 

A total of six weeks of self-paced learning time is required, broken down into two weeks to complete the six-module eLearning course, two weeks to complete the final assignment and two weeks to receive feedback on the assignment.

While the course does not serve as an extension of any academic research courses taken at tertiary level, it will practically equip those who might have little to no knowledge of effective research methodology, to make better use of technology in order to effectively conduct research. Candidates will receive practical know-how through assessments that test application of the methodology. Each of the six modules is conducted online, allowing delegates to set their own pace using an easy-to-navigate digital platform. Upon completion of all modules and attaining a minimum of 70% in assessments, delegates also receive a Certificate of Completion.

There are forum discussions with the lecturer, downloadable resources, shared learning experiences with other delegates and individualised feedback on written assignments.

To find out more information about the course, modules or registration, visit 

Need to embrace legal tech but have no idea where to start? 



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