confused_computerCache in browsers are generally a good thing, as they store data on your local computer, so that the browser does not have to go and download them off the web again, each time it needs the data. For example think of a logo on a page, and every page on the site has this logo, instead of fetching the logo each time, and downloaing it via the internet, would it not be faster to fetch the logo off the hard drive? Yep it would most definately be faster. Over time these become very large in file size, and for want of a better explanation the indexing of this cache can become corrupt, which will play havoc with your favourite banking site. Here are the steps to clear this area, should you encounter problems browsing, or should you run out of disk space.

To clear the folders in Internet Exporer (we use IE7), goto the Tools, then Options menu. It should look like the following image:



In this current menu screen, press the “Delete” button under the Browsing hsitory section, and you should get the following screen:


Now click on the “Delete files” button in the Temoporary Internet Files, which will remove only the cached Internet files. You could use the “Delete all…” button, but that would also wipe out any passwords you have saved in Internet Explorer.


To clear the cache in Firefox v3.x browser go to the “Tools” menu


, then select the item “Clear Private Data”, and you should get the menu as below.


Tick all of the needed options, cache being the one we are interested in here, and then click the Clear Private Data Now.


That is rather easy, and always a good thing to try before calling the IT support centre. It is also possible to force Internet Explorer or Firefox to do this automatically everytime you quite the browser, but we belive it is a good idea to store some of those needed files, to help our slow internet connectivity along.




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