rocket matterLegal technology consumers have a lot of choices these days. But that wasn’t always the case. Now, law firms can choose from an emerging group of online cloud providers for legal practice management (LPM) and time and billing applications.

 When evaluating new options, it’s important to determine what’s best for a firm’s needs and to understand price and fee structures. With traditional client-server LPM systems, firms pay up-front costs and maintenance fees over the years. With the cloud model, firms pay little or no initial overhead; instead, firms are charged monthly fees. 

The goal of this white paper is to attempt to clarify what firms can expect to pay and what they can expect to get for their money. The bottom line: up-front costs and IT management time are considerably higher in the traditional LPM model than in the cloud.

Also, ongoing maintenance fees required by older LPM vendors eliminate the “spend money once” advantage of installed software.

rocket matter white paper on cloud vs local costsView the full white paper by Rocket Matter.

Contributed by:
Larry Port
Founding Partner and Chief Software Architect for Rocket Matter


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