scamsLast week we saw another scam doing the rounds claiming to be from Standard Bank, so that you can confirm your account with them to avoid fraudulant activities on your account… nice! Here is a tip to work out if the email came from the bank or from somebody trying to rip you off!

What to look out for and what you should do.

The first bit of advice to everyone, is just to delete the email, the bank will get hold of you if they really need you, or call them if you are worried.

The second bit of advice, if you really want to check to see if this is a scam, is to allow your mouse cursor to hover over the link, it will then tell you what URL page the link will take you to. This one pointed to “”. Notice the “c0” not “co” in the address, which at a quick glance you would not even notice.

Once they get you to the make shift site, they harvest your information and use it for themselves.

This scan has the subject: “[Standard Bank Internet Banking Access Suspended]” and looked like the image below…rather convincing!


Contributes by:
Malcolm Pearson


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