Relax webinar on billing

In our 30-minute discussion last week on Remote Billing for Lawyers, we got into the topic of alternative billing vs the hourly rate.

We decided that this hot topic of debate should be our next Tech4Law webinar topic, so we can find out what is being used, what is working and what not in law firms today and then into the future.

Topics being covered:

  • Types of billing arrangements
  • Most popular examples
  • Risks 
  • History Data, what does it say about costs per matter type?
  • One for all? Do you offer certain billing type by matter type?
  • Surveys
  • How do you start?

Date: Wednesday June 24th 2020
Time: 3.30PM
Where: At your desk – feet up and watching Zoom
What to bring: Cup of your favourite beverage
Duration: Estimated 30 minutes
RSVP: Email now for a place in the discussion

Seats: Limited to 24 people per session


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