Relax webinar on billing

Billing Arrangements Now and Beyond – Webinar

In our 30-minute discussion last week on Remote Billing for Lawyers, we got into the topic of alternative billing vs the hourly rate. We decided...
Billable Hours

Attorney’s Guide to Healthy Law Firm Billing

What percentage of your firm’s billable hours would you say get captured, invoiced, and paid on every month?  The painful truth is that, for most...

Lawyers told to reconsider hourly fees

Customers are pushing accountants and lawyers to move away from "billable hours" if they want to stay relevant in 2030, as a shift in...
Slow adoption of alternative fee billing in big law

Law Firm Sites Talk About Alternative Fees, But Use Appears Thin

Three of four top 100 Big Law firms talk about using alternative fee arrangements on their websites, but a Bloomberg Law analysis shows the...
Billing tips

9 Rules for Billing Ethically and Getting Paid on Time

So why do some clients choose to not pay their legal bills? When asked, most clients involved in legal fee disputes will tell you...
Futures Law Faculty

The Ethical Lawyer as opposed to the Billable Hour

There are certain topics of conversation that are best avoided, religion, politics and money, are dangerous conversation starters. As is the billable hour and...
Kill the billable hour

Companies want lawyers to kill the billable hour

Company lawyers are increasingly innovating and want law firms to kill outdated time-based billing models, according to an extensive biennial survey highlighting the pressures of a "buyer's market" forcing firms to change. The...

Beyond the Billable Hour: A Practical Guide to Alternative Fee Arrangements

Discover how offering alternative fee arrangements complement your client service and benefit your bottom line. The billable hour is inefficient and prone to abuse…and...

Welcome to Dumb & Dumber LLP

If you rely on hourly billing, you might as well go ahead and change your firm’s name to Dumb & Dumber LLP. So says...

Is the Billable Hour Obsolete?

It has been criticized as inefficient, needlessly punitive, and susceptible to abuse. Law students are warned about it. Attorneys have called for its death...

7 Steps to Fixing Your Legal Billing Problem

Instead of immediately trying to get your firm to Level Five proficiency with billing, concentrate on advancing one level at a time. Establishing good...

How Legal Billing Practices Can Differentiate Your Firm

Time and billing is, conceptually, the direct conduit between the legal work being performed and the client. As such, the time and billing function...