Deeds Office Notice

NOTICE NO. 1/2021


1. Purpose
1.1 To notify all clients of the way-forward and measure to be implemented in compliance the Covid19 Risk Adjustment Alert Level 3 Regulations published under Government Gazette No. 44044, dated 29/12/2020.

2. Access to the building and restriction
2.1 Only conveyancers, notaries and attorneys will be allowed in the Deeds Office building (26th floor) under the following strict Covid19 protocols and condition:
– Only two (2) Prep Clerk maybe allowed to collect completely linked batches from the 16th Floor (JAA rented office) and drop them off at the lodgment counter (26th Floor) and also to assist conveyancers with runarounds.
– NB:The above should be on a rotational bases and agreed upon between Conveyancers and Prep-Clerks representative. Furthermore, once an agreement is reached and a weekly/daily rotation plan must be submitted to Security Supervisor on 26th Floor.
2.2 Conveyancers and the afore said clerks will be restricted from entering into Sections and 22nd , 25th floor ,except upon confirmed appointment with the Examiner or visiting Registry, Interdict, Diagrams or Sectional Sections service counter.
2.3 Should the examiner not be able to answer their phone or respond to a request for an appointment via email, the client will approach security who will then patrol him/her to the office.
2.4 All clients including Members of Public and Prep Clerks will be allowed to access services from the Information Section on ground floor under strict Covid19 protocols.
2.5 Non-adherence to the Covid19 health protocols will result in the affected client being refused access to the Deeds Office.

3. Pre-linking, consultations and removal of notes
3.1 Pre-linking for Lodgement will still be done externally at the 16th Floor Office provided by JAA until such time as an alternative space has been identified.
3.2 Pre-linking for Executions will be moved to the Prep-Clerk Room side on 26th floor to eliminate crowding in the current area.
3.3 The current arrangement regarding removal of notes and consultation on appointment will still be in place.
3.4 Scan Back’s, expeditions and ADHOC requests for permission the facts, reasons and motivation for the request in a provided form.

4. Deeds Office process tour
4.1 Deeds Process Tours will not be allowed until further notice.

5. Serving of Documents
5.2 Clients will be allowed to access the Registry Section on 22nd Floor to serve documents, however we still encourage clients to make use of electronic/ email platform to serve documents.
5.3 Serving of notices i.e JJJ, KKK , notice of motion and other related notices should still be sent via email as per current procedure.

6. Current Covid19 limitation and protocols
6.1 The current internal Covid19 limitation, protocols and measure implemented to minimise the spread of the of Covid19 and possible transmissions must still be strictly observed and adhered to.

7. Emails and telephone numbers to be used:
7.1 Appointments Examiners and Assistant Registrars
– As per list placed on 26th Floor.
7.2 Appointments with Deputies and Registrar of Deeds
– Lesedi Moche:
7.3 Serving of documents (JJJ, KKK, notices of motion etc) electronically
– Correspondence:

8. Any other procedure and measures not in conflict with the above remains in place.

This notice will be effective from Monday, 11th January 2021.



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