Pietermaritzburg Deeds Office

Email from Deeds Office to Conveyancers, dated 14th December 1:30pm.

Dear Conveyancers

As you are aware that the Deeds Office : PMB had 4 positive   Covid 19  cases. Contact tracing of those who have tested positive has revealed that Junior Examiners, Senior Examiners, ARDs and Deputy Registrar of Deeds will be self-isolating. The Registrar has taken a decision, against advice received to try and re-open the office in a very limited capacity tomorrow.

The following will be implemented:

  1. Deeds registry PMB will re-open tomorrow with very limited capacity the Registrar of Deeds will assess tomorrow where he stands in terms of staff complement as he does not yet have the numbers affect by the contact tracing.  
  2. Lodgements will be suspended until further notice.
  3. Only a single Conveyancers per firm will be permitted access to the Deeds Office. No Clerks will be allowed.
  4. The only access allowed for any conveyancers into the building will be for the purpose of writing fees in the afternoon.
  5. Any deeds which were already at fees and had rates expiring as a result of the closure will be permitted to be registered tomorrow.
  6. It is anticipated that one execution will take place on Thursday which includes deeds which were at fees on Thursday morning ( 10 December 2020)  as well as those deeds which will be put at fees tomorrow afternoon (ie matters which would be considered to be at fees on Thursday, 17 December 2020)
  7. No other services will be offered to conveyancers tomorrow.
  8. No request for lodgements, expeditions will be entertained at this stage.
  9. The Registrar will assess the situation in his office on a daily basis.

Swasthie Singh
Office Assistant to the Registrar of Deeds
Deeds Registry: Pietermaritzburg


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