City of Tshwane

When the DA-led administration took office in November we encountered numerous backlogs and administrative challenges in the City of Tshwane. 

One of those related to the issuing of rates clearance certificate memos. On 15 November we learnt of the backlog of 4216 rates clearance memos which we inherited. 

The delays in issuing these memos was holding back thousands of residents from selling and buying properties in the city. 

It required critical executive intervention and through the leadership of MMC for Finance Mare-lise Fourie there has been continued pressure to address this backlog. 

In the last 30 days another 2682 memos were received over and above the backlog of 4216. 

To date the city has now approved 4030 memos. Leaving 2246 that remain, the vast majority of which are new applications for memos. 

On the issuing of rates clearance certificates, the backlog of 979 requests to issue certificates with an additional number of new requests of 808 being requested in the last 30 days. 

To date, the city has approved 1306 certificates, effectively eradicating the backlogs that were already overdue. 

We committed to the residents of Tshwane that we would cut these backlogs when the new administration took office and we are delivering on it. We will keep up the pressure to ensure that these processes move swiftly and efficiently.

Jordan Griffiths


  1. I do not agree with this article. I have been begging and pleading, still do not have a clearance certificate going on 6 months. I keep reading about how great the backlog has been tackled. What total rubbish. The excuses range from information on the system does not reflect actual information, mistakes calculating clearance amounts, being offline, Covid issues, What a joke. Perhaps the DA can stop congratulating itself and actually do something. No one gives the same answer. Constantly hear they are in meetings but nothing gets done. Chaos is the work that comes to mind. Attorneys run around like headless chickens trying to figure out how the so called new online system works and even the answers received from the electronic system is plain wrong.

  2. There is still a major problem with rates clearance certificates and home owners are suffering.Tshwane needs to do better,still waiting for mine 😰.This is heartbreaking


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