1. Purpose

1.1 To notify all staff and clients of the way-forward pertaining to measure to be followed during the Covid19 Risk Adjustment Alert Level 3 which came into operation on 15″ June 2021.

1.2 This notice should be read with all previously issued notices, circulars and compliance signages, and information placed in the building.

2. Faced approach to be followed regarding access to the building.

2.1 Only conveyancers, notaries and attorneys will be allowed in the Deeds Office building (26″ floor) under the following strict Covid19 protocols and condition:

  • Only two (2) Prep Clerk may _be allowed to collect completely linked batches from the 16″ Floor (JAA rented office) and drop them off at the lodgment counter (26″” Floor) and also to assist conveyancers with run-arounds.
  • NB: The above should be on a rotational bases and agreed upon between Conveyancers and Prep-Clerks representative. Furthermore, once an agreement is reached and a weekly/daily rotation plan must be submitted to Security Supervisor on 26″ Floor.
  • The above is subject to regular assessment and review to ensure strict compliance with regulations.

2.2 Security will strictly monitor and ensure that number of clients entering the building and gathered in the Prep Room and Execution Room does not exceed the permitted numbers (50) and percentage (50%)of the floor area at a time as per regulations.

3. Staff and clients must refer to Notice No 6 and 8/2021 with regards to:

  • Pre-linking, consultations and removal of notes
  • Deeds Office process tour.
  • Serving of Documents
  • Compliance with the Mandatory Covid19 protocols when in public.

4. Staff members who are 60 years and above and those with comorbidities are still encouraged to work remotely (where possible).

  • The said staff must indicate their intension to work remotely to their managers and HR, submit the necessary proof and have the special working arrangement agreement signed.

This notice will be effective from Thursday , 22″June 2021.

Ms. M Ntuli 
DATE: 18/06/2021


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