Facebook for attorneysIn our recent Law Firm Marketing Workshops in the major centres around the country I picked up rather mixed feelings about law firms using of Facebook as a marketing medium.

It seemed that a few Gauteng firms had embraced it and were using it with positive response from clients and new business. In KwaZulu-Natal, although one or two had dipped their toes into the Facebook pond, were rather dead off the idea. The Western Cape had one or two people using Facebook in their personal capacity but also did not think there was enough return to warrant the effort needed to keep a company page running.

I use Facebook when promoting interesting articles, I use it to promote events for Tech4Law – but I also cannot say that it is the perfect solution to pulling new readers into the Tech4Law publication.

In the marketing workshops my approach was from the positive angle that the reach in Facebook would automatically pull in new business and helps communicate with clients who were in the social media space, provided you gave them really good content. That did not work, except for the few people in Midrand.

I am offering a free webinar on Google+ for us to discuss the issue and hopefully together better understand how, what and where the right way to tackle Facebook for Attorneys which will result in a positive return on the time invested on the 14th May 2014 at 16:00 – just enough time to finish up at the office and tune in for 45minutes to an hour before heading home.

Contact me via email at malcolmp@tech4law.co.za should you wish to attend or go directly to the Google hangout events page.


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