FICA FormTo help firms who are panicking to be registered with the Financial Intelligence Centre as an Accountable Institution, here is a quick how to on completing the registration online.

Browse to the site or use the following link to jump to the registration page:
 Registration Process FICA
STEP 1 – which is to be done by the Compliance Officer for the firm
For the field “I am registering as” select “Accountable institution”
The Type of Accountable Institution select:
1. “A practitioner who practices as defined in section 1 of the Attorneys Act…” – unless the other selection describe your business better.
For the field “Supervisory Body” select:
8. “A law society as contemplated in section…”
Fill in your requested username and password and type in the secure code verification
The password has to be longer than 6 characters and contain upper and lower case characters and a special character like “%^&$()”
Complete the Entity name, the holding company name, type of company (CC, PTY, Partnership etc)
And your company registration number in the YYYY/######/## format
Fill in your telephone, fax and address in the various fields
If your suburb does not appear, use the “Other” and type in your suburb
Complete your postal address – if the same as physical, there is a check box so that you don’t have repeat the same information
Complete the Compliance Officer details
Complete the Compliance Office Contact Information
Fill in the Validator details for the firm.
The Validator’s email address, name and username cannot be the same as the Compliance officer
The surnames can be the same
Click that you have read and understand the legal declaration (as long as you have).
The Financial Intelligence Centre registration office will send an email to the Validator, who accepts the registration and supplies a password for the user account.
The Compliance Officer will receive an activation email, who must then activate the account, thereafter both Validator and Compliance Officers will receive notification of the registration.



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