south african legal fees increaseThe tariff of fees for the High Court and the Magistrate’s Court have been amended as set out in the Government Gazette Number 36913 dated 11th October 2013. Let us look at how each item has been increased.

These changes will be effective from the 15th November 2013.

The average increase illustrated in the attached spread sheet is around 10%, and if you take into consideration that there have been no increases for 3 years, the 10% increase is well below the inflation over the same period.

Some of the small value increases where the amount charged was R1.00 per item for example, and that is increased to R1.50 does rock the average a bit, so I removed those to get a more realistic average for the increases and have included that at the bottom of each page.

The attached spread sheets give you the increases not only for this year but also the previous increase and then calculates the increases for 2013 per line item.

The information has been transcribed directly from the Government Gazette Regulations and although I have tried to eliminate all errors, it is possible that some figures may be incorrect. It is recommended that you check the Gazette for confirmation on the figures before using them for business purposes.

High court rule 70 tariff increases

Click Here to:

View the High Court Rule 70 Tariff Increases

View the Magistrate’s Court Tariff Increases

View the High Court Rule 68 Tariff Increases


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