other legal secretary salary survey criteriaWe have had numerous requests from secretaries as well as partners of legal firms who have asked Tech4Law to publish a new updated Legal Secretary Salary Survey to be more useful in the legal market today. Now before we launch the survey we want to make sure we have the correct criteria to most accurately determine the salaries of the legal secretaries.

Let us start by giving you what we had in our much outdated survey in May 2010.


Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Free State, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape

Job title
Admin or Office Management or Bookkeeping
Litigation Secretary
Collections Secretary
Labour Secretary
Conveyancing Secretary
Conveyancing Agency Secretary
Commercial Secretary
Estates / Trusts Secretary
Estates Administrator
Advocates Secretary
Other Legal Secretary

Number of years’ experience
Less Than 2 Years
2 To 5 Years
5 To 10 Years
10_to 15 Years
15 Years Or More

Typing speed (WPM)
Less Than 40
40 To 60
60 To 80
80 Or More

What is your salary package in total?
Less Than R6000
R6001 To R8000
R8001 To R10 000
R10 001 To R12 000
R12 001 To R14 000
R14 001 To R16 000
R16 001 To R18 000
R18_001 To R20 000
More than R20 000

Now I remember that we were hauled over the coals for using the WPM typing skills, as some departments required it and others did not, so we will leave that out in the next survey.

What we would like from readers is to tell us via the comment section below or via email, what other criteria we should use in this Legal Secretary Salary Survey to get a more accurate reflection on the salaries being paid in the South African legal market – but remember we want as few questions in the survey as possible, as nobody enjoys taking a long winded survey and we want as many anonymous responses as possible.

We plan to start the survey next week, so please fload us with the criteria you want to see in the survey.


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