Paddocks, the spepaddocksncialist sectional title training company, has created an innovative online platform that employs cutting-edge technology to make learning sectional titles even easier. Paddocks Club is a fully interactive online community filled with resources and information, all made accessible through the Navigator, the advanced search tool.

Using technology allows Paddocks Club to present the most up-to-date information possible in a simple, usable way.

Benefits of online learning
There are three key benefits of using technology and the internet to assist in learning. First, information can be added and updated on the fly, meaning that only the most recent and relevant data is given. Second, storing documents electronically and making them searchable vastly increases the amount of information a member can access; it would be impossible to store and keep track of the same data in physical form. Third, online tools allow members to build n online community where they can share, learn and network in their industry.

The Navigator
The Navigator uses a large, cross-referenced database of information to make finding any information about sectional titles easy. It collates content from relevant Acts, the prescribed management and conduct rules and the Sectional Title Survival Manual, the leading guide to sectional titles in South Africa. Members who search for a topic are taken to the relevant sections of these documents instantly, and can follow the links there to a wealth of further information.

The discussion forum
The discussion forum is used as the main personal contact point between members and the subject expert, Prof Graham Paddock. Members can access the forum at any time to ask their questions, provide answers or simply interact socially with others. Prof Paddock answers questions posted on the forum daily, providing valuable insight to all members. The forum allows members to interact in their own time and allows a community of like-minded people to grow and network.

Video tutorials
Prof Paddock creates weekly video tutorials on relevant and current topics in sectional titles. The videos include information slides as well as personal commentary, allowing students to get engaging content in an easily digestible form.

The library
Paddocks Club also contains a vast library of documents related to sectional titles and community schemes in general. These electronic resources vastly increase the amount of information available to members and are all easily searchable.
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