michalsons_buttonMichalsons are regarded as leaders in South Africa in the area of information security law. We not only give legal advice, but also review and draft information security policies where we are either asked to simply address the legal issues from a compliance perspective or address the broader information security issues.

The drafting of information security policies is influenced by law and applicable standards, most notably ISO 27001. Legal advisors, information security officers, information officers and IT managers often enquire whether we run seminars in which we:

  • Explain our approach towards information security policies;
  • Contextualise some of the more important legal issues;
  • Demonstrate how a legal and technical approach towards information security work together.

In response to these requests, we are considering running information sessions in Cape Town and Johannesburg and would like to know from you at this stage whether or not you would be interested in attending. Depending on the level of interest that we get, it will either be a morning seminar or a full day workshop.  The presenters will be Lance Michalson and Bevan Lane.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in attending, please forward this email to them. We will be charging a modest fee commensurate with a morning or full day affair.”

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Thank you.

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