Business card ideas for lawyers

The old school introduction and information exchange is still handled by the business card. It makes sense to use this opportunity to stand out above the rest. Here are some aspects to an effective business card.

Keep it Simple

Keeping the details on the card to minimum makes what is on the card stand out even more. The more you are trying to squash into business card, the more it will end up a blur to those reading it.

business card simple

Dark Cards

Beware of dark colors being printed on a business card that stretch across the card to the edges. Unless you use a dark cardboard for the card with lighter print. The dark printing on the edges is great when you unpack them, but after a while of being handled and stored away, the edges have frayed and the white from the cardboard is visible, making the card look really worn.


Instead of typing out the words of things like telephone, facsimile, cellular phone, postal address etc, use simple icons, but make sure they are from the same set of icons. Transparent (flat) outline icons are the cleanest and most easy to read.

flat icons


Cards are tangible things, something we hold, feel and gather a feeling about them when we touch them. A card printed with flimsy card that bends when somebody is handing you the card tells us that they don’t seem to care too much for presentation, quality or perfecting any tasks. A solid quality card, says they are a solid business that does things properly.

Matte finishes on the entire card give a velvet type of feel, and thick bold text (glossy ink) gives a rich quality look.

Matte business card

Die Cut the Edges

I’m not really saying it is better than square edges, it is just that it is a little different, and different helps your card stand out a better.

business card rounded edges

Dual Sided

It costs way less to have a singled sided card printed, but I think a good business card will have two sides – when somebody hands you a card, don’t you instinctively turn it over to see what is on the other side? 

QR Code

Nobody really cares about a QR code, but there are the inquisitive ones who will scan the code to see what they get – obviously make sure you have the QR code setup and ready for visitors.

business card QR code

Think Out of the Box

Talking or QR codes, maybe the card only has a QR code – or a web address or a Bitly shortened URL of your firm website or your profile page on your website. The idea is to get the recipient of the card to do that simple extra step which helps them better remember you by.


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