Paid Facebook marketing for law firms not so great

This last week we took a relatively good post reaching over 300 people with 8 engagements, we boosted that post for 24 hours with a ceiling of $20. This reached an additional 70 people and increase the engagement by 2 for $4.45. Not worth it, I think.

I have skimmed through a number of medium to small law firm Facebook pages and find that people very seldom do engage with the lawyer page. Likes happen, but very little engagement.

What does seem to work is Facebook pages that are focused to a single part of the law – mostly family law – as this is about emotions, day to day life for the general public. The topics are interesting and relevant to most people in relationships – so the attraction for people to these type of pages is logical. But the key thing is one topic and topics that grab attention.

Personal posts about your staff, attracts natural engagement – for example, if one of your attorneys qualifies as a conveyancer, post a picture of them – better still – receiving the certificate – these posts gather natural traction as people who know this person will interact and share the post with their friends.

Use hashtags to offer easier ways to track the topic you are talking about and also allows other people to comment and share using the common thread. For example, if you are posting an article you wrote on divorce and how it affects children, add the hashtag #DivorceChildren to the post. Facebook indexes the hashtag, so that it is easy to find the topic after it is posted.

Don’t hashtag everything, I would limit it to one hashtag per post. Also before using a hashtag, do a Facebook search for the term to check the history of that topic to see if it already exists.

General Hashtag Rules

  1. Capitalise the first letter in each word
  2. Check the history of the hashtag to make sure it is relevant to your topic
  3. Keep it as short as possible
  4. No punctuation, special characters or spaces.

To find trending hashtags or finding related hashtags use the hash tag identifier site

Unique funny pictures get good interaction, mostly by others sharing the humour.

Back to the matter about paying to boost the posts. I got far more traffic from the natural traffic than I did with the boost. I am not saying it never works, as this was only one test – if you want to see the results, do the same test yourself on a popular post and limit your spend to $20 and measure the results with Insights. It might work better in different market segments.


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