Keywords not all equalWe need to spend a little more time on understanding keywords to give our online marketing a better chance of succeeding. Not all keywords are created equal, here are some important facts to remember.

The Keyword Lizard
I call these group of keywords per topic a “Keyword Lizard” for a simpler and more graphical representation of how the keywords fit together, others refer to them as the “keyword niche”.

The Keyword Lizard has three types of keywords:

  1. Head keywords
  2. Body keywords
  3. Long Tail keywords.

Head Keywords
This is the main keyword, most often one or two words – the basis of the other keywords in the body and the long tail. These are most often used in the home page of the firm website.
Commercial Attorney

Body Keywords
These drill down a little further from where the head keywords left off, the categories of your website generally use these keywords to describe the category. Think of it as the first level of defining a certain niche market segment.
Commercial Bankruptcy Attorney
Commercial Contract Attorney

Long Tail Keywords
Here in lies the gold on the keyword world as the keyword is more focused, it attracts a more focused audience. Also, if advertising on Google, your costs for these keywords will be vastly cheaper due to less competition. The number of possible long tail keywords for each head keyword is huge – think of the lizard with a heck of a long tail. These keywords will be used in the content of your website in the articles you post to the various categories. It is the next level of drilling down into a more focused market segment
Commercial Bankruptcy Attorney in Riverwithnoend
Hiring Commercial Bankruptcy Attorney
Experienced Commercial Bankruptcy Attorney
Specialised Commercial Contract Attorney
Commercial Contract Lease Attorney
Commercial Contract Attorney in Flowerfountain

Why the Long Tail?

  1. Most people search for long tail keywords – they are more inclined to search for “Law Firm specialising in divorce in Humglangar” than searching for “divorce law firm”.
  2. The more detailed keyword will attract people who are looking for that exact service or product, you can use this to design focused content around those keywords making it more relevant to the person searching for information.
  3. The is less competition for this long tail keywords, so you will stand out more in the results.

That is the lizard story, however in this story, the tail wags the lizard.


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