Market to your existing clients first

We all seem to think new or more clients when we think about marketing a law firm, but we are so busy chasing our tails marketing to new prospects that we don’t realise there is a wall right behind us to scratch our tail – our existing clients.

We call these clients and business prospects “Low hanging fruit” not because they are suckers to buy from us again, but there are definite reasons way marketing to these clients is easier and way more successful.

Easier Law Firm Marketing

Contact data is correct
As you do business with these people, all the contact data you have will be vastly more accurate than new prospects.

Costs less money
Marketing to these existing clients is cheaper, normally the job can be done by either a phone call or by sending an email. Finding new clients costs marketing money, via things like adwords, advertising, canvassing, sponsoring events etc.

No fear of the unknown
It is natural for humans to be hesitant about speaking to an unknown person about their business. However, if the person has met with and spoken to the person already, we don’t have that fear, so you will find that partners of the firm will be inclined to market your law firm to clients they know a lot easier.
The marketing industry often refers to marketing to existing clients to be 11 times easier than marketing to new prospects.

More Successful Marketing

As your email is known to your client, they will be inclined to read the email. Sending a cold email, firstly will not be known by your prospect, but there is a good chance of the email you send ending up in their SPAM folder.

The fact that the client has dealt with you in the past builds trust, provided your service was acceptable. This instilled trust makes it easier for the client to do further business with your firm.

Cross Selling to Existing Clients
Unless your firm specialises in only one aspect of the law, you should be promoting your other legal services to your clients. For example, when they buy a new house together, it is a good time to offer your estate planning services, as that large asset will be a big part of their estate. Or you may know that your client in your estates business owns a large company and you should promote your commercial services to them.

Stay in Contact
You say you clients have not heard from you for so long that they will treat you like a stranger? Shame on you then, you should be in contact with your clients enough to stay in their head. Either via email in newsletters, or via a phone call, just to touch base every now and then. I would be bowled over if my property lawyer called me to see how we were and whether I would be in the market for a new home soon. That definitely would sway me towards giving them the conveyancing.

If your firm has done a good job with an existing client, ask them to refer their friends and colleagues to your firm. You cannot share fees for their recommendation, but you could send a nice gift to thank them.

In conclusion, this “Low Hanging Fruit” is not selling your services, it is caring about your clients and finding ways that you can help them with the services you offer. Let them know you care and you will be surprised how much business will follow.

Happy Picking!


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