Keep marketing momentum going

The magic to effective marketing, with not only law firms but any business, is to keep in contact with your prospects often enough to be top of mind, but not that often that they start to hate you and your law firm. 

One of the things to think about when planning a new campaign is the frequency of the communication, and once you kick off the campaign, you need to keep the communications happening with the same time intervals. Otherwise you lose the effect.

Something you have to be careful of on the flipside of the coin, is that you don’t publish rubbish, just because you are due to post an article/comment/social media communications – plan for those communications way in advance.

Consistent publishing of good content promotes you/law firm as an expert
If you constantly see a person tweeting about effective way to increase your billing and what you read is good advice, surely you would turn to them if you were seeking help on the billing front?

Brand awareness
I think this one happens whether your posting is good or bad, but regular posts will push you brand top of mind with your prospects. 

Responses to your marketing campaigns
Respond to feedback quickly, but instead of just saying “thanks”, try to initiate further dialogue, which will spin more communication.

Blog posts automatically spark other communication
A blog post to your website is automatically great content food for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – so to make things easier for yourself, create regular posts in your blog which you can talk about in the social networks.

Regular quality posts promote your SEO
Two of the major aspects of successful SEO for the search engines are quality content and regular fresh unique posts.

In conclusion, don’t let your marketing wheel lose momentum, it will be that much harder to start it rolling again.


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