Building engagement for your law firm Facebook page

Let’s put aside the virtual “North of Umgeni River Property Law” Facebook page, and use our own Tech4Law Facebook page to continue this session, in other words – eating our own dogfood – this will allow us to demonstrate our efforts in a real live environment.

Our Facebook page at Tech4Law ( has been live for some time, it has over a thousand likes, but the interaction is just about zero.

Just like our Tech4Law page, you need to know who the people and companies are that like your page, so that you can interact on a level they will appreciate. It seems to be a real mission to get this information, but I found this work-around. In the search field on Facebook, type “people who like (type your page name)” it will give you a list and you can then see who likes your page and with a little research on these people you can see what they enjoy.

Things to do that will help with the engagement of your Facebook friends

Regular posting
They say that the magic number here is twice a day.

Pictures and videos are great ways to get people to interact – try to use originals and make sure they are relevant. 

A joke of the day does not work, but if possible drop a funny comment that is relevant to your business. A meme creation tool is a great help here.

Ask a question
Post a relevant question to your page to invite others to interact. 

I’ll use these tactics this week to see what interaction we can build, without advertising and let’s analyse the results and methods next week to see what works.

BTW, if any property law firm would like the “North of Umgeni River Property Law” Facebook page, just drop me a message and I will hand it over – the first person to email me can have it.


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