Step by step guide to a Facebook page for a law firm

We continue from last weeks’ article – Starting a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm – Baby Steps – and now we continue the setup to complete our Facebook page profile.

Adding the Cover Image
Simple enough to grab a picture and use it, but wait…there is way more to it that that!

Stick to your keyword focus for this page. In our sample Facebook page we are targeting property buyers and sellers or future prospective buyers and sellers in the Durban North area. Get into the mind of the Facebook user and imagine what would attract the attention of such a person.

I would imagine that a prospective property client would be interested in the following images that would attract their attention:

• Family in front of a neat home
• Happy lawyer handing keys to a happy new home owner
• Signing of property documents in a professional signing office
• Conveyancer talking to a crowd of estate agents
• Title transfer taking place at the Deeds Office
• Old image of a Title Deed with a bright red stamp seal.

Don’t take short cuts with this image or your Profile Picture, get original images you own that are relevant to your keyword focus. Hire a professional photographer to get the maximum effectiveness.

I used a couple holding up their new key for the home they are about to move into, but if I was a conveyancing firm using Facebook, I would use images of us handing the keys to the couple in front of their house, most probably so people could recognise the house and identify the area. Or them drinking champagne while receiving the keys.

The image dimensions for the cover picture are 828pixels wide x 315pixels high and for best performance should be in JPG format and no larger than 100kb in file size.

Now tackle the About section of your Facebook Page – click “About” on the left column, then on the right click “Edit Page Info” and capture all the information needed, don’t leave anything out and with the short and long descriptions, remember to keep your keyword focus in mind to ensure you get the message across to visitors and for search engine indexing. The only thing that can be left out would be the price sections.


In between the short and long description is a description field called “Impressum” – which in some European countries is needed by law. This is a more relaxed version of a PAIA manual – sort of giving information about the business.

These are some of the things you should include in the Impressum field:
• The name of the organisation
• The address of the organisation
• Contact information, e-mail, phone or mobile number, fax, etc
• Name of the access to information contact
• Company registration, VAT and any other legal information
• The link to your official website.


Click the Services in the left column and then one the right click on “Add a Service”. Here you outline each focused area of the service you offer. Don’t include all the services you offer in one entry, split them up. In our example we split up property law into 4 areas – buying, selling, transfer and advice. Again, keep your keywords in mind when completing this section.

Add a button under your Cover Picture

Click the “Add a button” and then choose the “Call Now” with your telephone number, there are many other areas they can look up websites and contact details, but it is a good idea to give them a quick contact option – right under their noses. I also think “Message us” is a good idea as some people are shy and want to get an email before speaking to you.

See what our sample Facebook Page

Enough setup for now, more tweaks next week.


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