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I believe that there are attorneys that have lost the plot with what they offer society. The client is not the conduit to offer the attorney more billable hours, the client is somebody/entity that you and your law firm need to take a serious interest in, be invested in their business, to be able to really help them when they are in trouble.

You are thinking I have no idea, and you all are very interested in your clients and their businesses – right? 

So, when last did you call your top 30 clients? Not to return their call, or to follow up on payment – just to call them and see how their business is going, or their new house, or settling down after their divorce. 

Set aside time each day to call just one good client, it is only going to take 5 minutes out of your schedule and the customer will be blown away by your concern.

When last did you send a “Congratulations” card to your client for something their business achieved? Not an email, not a WhatsApp message an actual tangible greeting card.

After the client matter is concluded, have you called or sent a note to thank them for their business?

Have you shared a news clipping or law report that directly affects their business?

Billing is often the source of a disagreement with your client, why not take extra care when taking on the case to explain how the billing will work and maybe cement the billing outline in a “take on” letter.

When a client calls you, no matter what you think the reason is for the call (you know what he wants, so instead of calling, just start the process and that will answer his question in time), call them back promptly.

Be careful of how your secretary takes calls – if your secretary says she is going to check if you are in, and then tells the client that you are not available or out, it says to the client that they are not important enough to you.

Simply, take an invested interest in your client and/or their business – not only when they are paying you. “Invested” because your interest will encourage them to return to your firm when they need help.


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