why people would like a law firm Facebook pagePreviously we looked at reasons why people used Facebook, as well as why somebody would want to follow, like or share a page or post. I guarantee you that the average Joan Soap is not going to search for the local law firm to follow their office, people and activities.

We highlighted the following as reasons for people using Facebook:
• Stalking people
• Information
• Bragging
• Birthday reminders
• News
• Voicing your opinion
• Entertaining content
• Networking
• Sharing your life.

And the reasons they would like a page:
• Interesting things
• Important things
• Funny things
• Opinions
• Product recommendations
• Supporting a cause
• Unique events or things.

Right, to have a successful Facebook page for your law firm, you are going to have to tick some of the above boxes.

We cannot help the person trying to stalk people at your firm, they sort of do that all on their own.

Information – there is a classic opportunity where a law firm could offer value-add to the public. Warnings about how new legislation will affect the person on the street, giving them an overview on what happened in a case and how they will affect people in the future, simple tips on avoiding litigation, simple checklists for property purchases, the list goes on – but quality information is available to a law firm to share.

I wouldn’t say people will follow your law firm page because you brag a lot, but bragging about achievements that your staff or company as a whole have achieved is quite in order. You posting that Sampie has just got engaged to Sally is not breaking news, but the fact that people would share the news and that increases your page exposure is worth doing. Just don’t overdo this one.

Birthday reminders – nothing to do, although you might want to send a nice handwritten note to your prospect or client on their birthday and Facebook allows you to see just when that special day comes around.

News – unless it is related to law and how it affects the public, stay away from sending out news flashes – this the average Facebook user gets plenty from their friends and news sources.

Opinions are great ways to get people communicating, it is obvious though that you need to be careful on what you say as people may take it as legal advice.

Entertaining content – I know of one lawyer who could get away with sending people humorous content – in general stay away from it, nobody looks to their professional law firm for the latest jokes.

As a law firm you get to mix with many people, if you know where two entities could work together or complement each other, put them in touch and show a little about it on Facebook – it brings a warm and fuzzy atmosphere to your page.

Share achievements, announcements and professional events – not the day to day social report one would share in your personal page.

Now moving onto the reason people like a page, or should we say why people are drawn to a page. Most of the items we listed are already covered in the above outlines of why people use Facebook.

If you come across a good service, that you know would benefit your followers – recommend them on Facebook. For example, if you know of a company that does a fantastic job of cleaning a house before the new owners move in, mention them on Facebook and tag them – people trust your judgement and the company you recommend will love you for it.

All companies should have a charity they support, and why not help the charity with fund raisers, awareness or by getting involved with a few tagged pictures to cement the exposure.

Unique ideas, unique things are great to share, but try and ensure they have some sort of law slant or are related. Something like an electronic signature system that allows people to sit at their PC while they sign legal documents.

It is not easy to attract people to your law firm Facebook page, but it can be done – just don’t lose your professional trusted firm culture to gather people on Facebook. Remember it is not the number of Likes you have, but the reach you have through good interaction with your followers.

If nobody is actively participating on your page as a law firm, fix it quickly or drop it – it is a waste of resources and looks desperate if it is just a screed of posts from your firm without any interaction. I know, I have some fixing to do myself ;-).


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