bike appI know we are not as litigious as the United States, but this nifty Android and iOS mobile application for bike accidents does awaken a good few ideas on bringing in new business to the law firm.

Bike Crash Kit  is an application that helps bike users, both motorcycle and cyclists, capture the full and correct information at the crash site. It Includes the weather, road conditions at that time, uses media to capture the crash scene or conversations and offers a notepad drawing area if you need to draw the layout of the accident.

Once this is captured it offers you the emergency numbers of 911, hospital, taxis, bike shops and of course the law firm behind the creation of the application. Your emergency details and contact people are also stored in the application so that these can be used to help you should you not be able to communicate.

In short, a useful little application – I’m not sure you will remember to haul it out after you have an abrupt introduction to somebodies front bumper – but clever.

Just a useful application provided by a friendly law firm? Absolutely not!

So why does this start the creative mind spinning?

  1. It is a useful application, taking the correct details at an accident scene is critical. Plus the fact that this has media to record the other party admitting their guilt is a plus.
  2. If things go wrong and you need an attorney, either at the scene or at a later stage, there is a very good chance that you will use the law firm offered to you on the application – obviously town specific.
  3. Even if you never use the application, but do ride a bicycle or motorcycle in New York and you have seen the application or heard about it from friends, there is a very good chance you may use them when next you climb off your bike without notice.
  4. The media exposure your law firm will get as it is communicated will be huge.
  5. Social media spin from a useful application like this would be far-reaching and would continue way past just the application.

How much does it cost? Mobile applications are not as costly to develop as their PC or web counterparts, but it would still cost you a good few pennies. You could approach the law firm who created this application and ask them if it could be adapted for your firm, location and details – I can only imagine it would cost a lot less than creating it from scratch. But the above is about bike accidents – the creative side of my brain has a number of other ideas.

What other mobile apps would be great to be offered by law firms?

Here are a few off the top of my head:

  1. Property transfer and bond costs – done by Firefly already, ready and waiting for you to offer it to your friendly agents on your behalf.
  2. Divorce application to start a check sheet on what they need, helpful tips and of course your hotline to introduce your services.
  3. Trademark application to kick start the registration of a trademark.
  4. Accident scene application – not just for bikes but any type of accident.
  5. Property transfer process step by step explanation, including the explanation of costs and simple calculations of same. Include the tracking of their matter if need be.
  6. Train estate agents via videos on YouTube available through your simple mobile application and introduce it every week through social media or email newsletters.
  7. Legal opinion site – basically allow the mobile application user to ask the question, “Do I have a legal shot at this situation?”. I know there are ramifications of doing this, but you are the legal geniuses, figure something out.
  8. Sales Agreement to Fax application where your application compiles a sales agreement and offers various ways to print the agreement out for signature – like a fax machine close by.

OK, enough ideas from a non-lawyer, I’m sure you as lawyers have plenty more ideas milling around in your heads. Brainstorm, draw a flow diagram of the application, then compile a detailed specification and introduce it to a propeller-head. Make sure you have a non-disclosure….but I don’t need to tell you that ;-).


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