Easy ways to get more electronic exposure for your law firmOur next webinar/podcast will tackle the subject of increasing your electronic exposure for your law firm. Whether it be your website, email, newsletters, social media, yours and other topical blogs or electronic directories.

Through our recent survey we asked you which marketing topic you would like us to cover in our TechShare education series, the most popular answer was finding easier ways to increase the electronic exposure or electronic brand footprint for your law firm. So we are now going to address this question in our next podcast which would hopefully bring more clients to your door.

Topics that we would like to discuss in the live podcast include the following:

  • Types of electronic branding or exposure
  • What is important to Google on your webpage?
  • Website call to action points
  • Email is email is email… Or not?
  • Why and how to use newsletters?
  • Social media, how, why, when and which?
  • To blog or not to blog the question?
  • R.I.P Yellow Pages, what now?

More and more of your prospects are turning to your online presence to verify your type of firm, even though they may have been referred to your firm by word-of-mouth the investigation before they contact you will always be through your website or if you have it, the social media platforms. Having anything that is substandard in your electronic profile or footprint will ultimately be chasing your prospective clients to your opposition.

30th June 2015

16:30 – join the Google Hangout at about 16:25 to get settled and make sure all is working

In your comfortable office chair, just before you leave the office for the day – on your PC at the web address below.

RSVP at the following web address:

  • If you just want to listen to the podcast, you can use the above webpage – you don’t have to have a Google account to view in listen only mode – simply go to the webpage at the time of the podcast.
  • To participate in the Hangout, you will need to be registered with Google+, using the same link above.
  • To RSVP, have reminders and ask questions, you will also need to be logged into a Google account.

If you have any questions you would like us to address at the time of the podcast, simply add comments to the web address above.


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