A man that stops advertising

Did you know that Henry Ford made watches for people who he cared about?

He worked at the Edison Illuminating Company, moving up the ladder to Chief Engineer, before leaving.

Mr Ford registered 160 patents – most of which focused on more efficient working and improving quality.

Here are a few marketing quotes from the great man:

  • Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
  • Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.
  • Half the money I spend on advertising is waste, and the problem is I do not know which half.
  • If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses.’
  • You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.
  • If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.
  • Vision without execution is just hallucination.
  • A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.
  • A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits.  They will be embarrassingly large.
  • Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

My tip to you –
Measure all Marketing – how else will you know what is working and what not!


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