Law firm website design trends 2023

How can your website remain relevant and stand out from the competition? Karin Conroy points to the biggest law firm website design trends of the year.

Big Changes on the Horizon for Law Firm Websites – Over the next few years, law firm website design is expected to evolve in a big way.
AI-powered features and marketing tools are, of course, one of the biggest trends this year, but “mobile-first” design will also be at the forefront. Mobile-first design defers to mobile users’ needs and ensures that sites created for desktops are optimized for smaller devices. Despite statistics that show most people use multiple devices (in addition to desktops and laptops), a surprising number of businesses do not use a responsive or mobile-first website design.

We can also expect websites to incorporate more video content and virtual reality tools, offering visitors a more immersive experience. Also trending: Web design will become increasingly personalized and tailored to the firm’s target audience. Understanding user intent and utilizing insights from analytics data will help firms build trust with clients and deliver a more valuable website experience.
As technologies and customer expectations evolve, law firms must find creative ways to stay ahead of the curve. How might the ever-changing landscape of website design shape your firm’s marketing and business development strategy? Let’s take a closer look.

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