legal secretary salary survey 2015 per cityThis week we take a close look at various disciplines inside the broad description of legal secretary and then drill down further by city or town.

There were quite a few instances where we did not have enough data to give an accurate statistic, in these instances we had no choice but to exclude these results. In some cases we grouped the information together and reported on the national stats.

Interesting to see that firms in Polokwane and Vanderbijlpark both offering higher salaries than Durban in the conveyancing department.

Below are the various legal secretary designations per town/city.

Litigation secretary salaries 2015


Collections secretary salaries 2015


commercial secretary salaries 2015


conveyancing secretary salaries 2015


Other legal secretary salaries 2015


And then to get an idea of what the average salary is for each legal secretary designation across the country…

Average legal secretary salaries 2015

Again, please note that these results have been submitted by respondents in the profession and Tech4Law cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the data, we merely gather the information and report the results back to the profession.

If you have a specific report you wish to see, or you just want more information on a certain area – please email us at or drop a comment below and we will be happy to compile a report with what we have collected.


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