Fidelity Fund certificates

The Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Fund (the Fund) wishes to alert legal practitioners that the 2021 Fidelity Fund Certificate online applications are now open. Eligible legal practitioners may apply for their Fidelity Fund Certificates online at:

Eligibility to apply for Fidelity Fund Certificate means, as a minimum:

  • Legal practitioner is a director/partner/sole practitioner in one or more legal practice/s
  • Legal practitioner is exempted from or completed the practice management training (PMT) or it is due in future
  • Legal practitioner has paid the R345 contribution for FFC application
  • The legal practice/s which the legal practitioner is linked with as director/partner/sole practitioner has/have received a 2020 audit report that is approved by the Legal Practice Council (LPC)

Read more at the FidFund website…


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